Saturday, May 7

Feeling Like Summer

It looks like summer and it almost feels like summer. At my job, I'm blessed with access to an actual window...and the trade off for all that sunshine is getting to watch people hanging out, walking around, eating ice cream, and enjoying various drinks on various patios. It's a tease, but I left work today knowing there were several cold beers in my fridge and a whole Saturday night at my disposal.

And I've finally done new art (and because it's been a long time and I owe you, I also have a top three and a new goal!)

For my top three I decided to grab three things that remind me of summer, because I'm looking out my window and seeing a blue sky, and it makes me happy.

As does this image from the Anthropologie summer catalogue. Oh, Anthropologie - you so crazy. And expensive.

And this photo I found on ffffound. Two summers ago I went to California and had the pleasure of my first (and second!) trip to In-N-Out. West coast Americans, you don't know how lucky you are. If we had these here I'd be obese and I don't even think I'd mind.

And key lime Lärabars. I actually just had one for the first time yesterday and they're awesome.

And my goal for the week!
At work we're having a running group incentive thing. My goal is to get a nike+ sensor and run a minimum of five miles this week (five miles for the week total - I'm not a runner so, baby steps)

Until next time! <3