Thursday, March 6


Not my own, though I am - for the first time in a long time - getting inspired to make new stuff. I stumbled across these artists and their work by perusing and was instantly drawn to both of them.

This piece is called Landed and it's by Ian Strange. It's currently installed at the 2014 Biennial of Australian Art. 

He works across several disciplines, (film, video, photography) and, as shown - site specific interventions using homes. 

I also loved this hand woven piece by Mimi Jung. It really, really makes me want to get back into doing textile work, and maybe even rig up some sort of loom in my apartment. I could totally do this. 

This piece - Six Blue Shadows - is made from bark, wool, and cotton. I love the subtlety of the colour and texture. I took a look at her website, and there are many other woven pieces of varying sizes. 

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