Friday, April 9

Au Revoir!

So, one new drawing for now. I really, really don't want to be a complainer, but I've been pretty busy lately. I'm leaving for 2 weeks the day after tomorrow - to Paris! (and Rome, Florence, Brussels, and Amsterdam!). Less than a week after I get back, I'm moving into a new apartment. And I only just found out that I got the apartment this morning.
Nevertheless, I wanted to do a drawing this week, and hopefully another before I go. The drawing contains art paper printed with a vintage Paris map - fitting, I thought.

So, if I don't post before Saturday, have a good two weeks - and look forward to new drawings upon my return!

Tuesday, April 6

New Drawings and a Love Letter to Photography Pt. 2

Today was my last ever photo class. Ever. It was also my last undergrad class. I have an exam the day after tomorrow (and so I have studying to do) but I'm pretty much all done.
There's a reason why both of my drawings this week are in black and white. I do (did?) black and white photography. My drawings are generally not black and white. Since drawing/illustrating is pretty much all I'm going to be doing now, I wanted to give one last little nod to black and white. Well, it's not like I'll never do anything in black and white again ever, but I guess I'm already feeling nostalgic. Maybe it's the 18 or so hours I spent in the darkroom over the long weekend.
So goodbye photography, goodbye chemical smell, goodbye safelight, goodbye enlarger, goodbye rolls of film, and goodbye black and white (for the most part). We had a good five years together, didn't we?

Now about the drawings specifically. The top one actually contains a test strip from one of my most recent photos. The bit in the middle that says "none of your business" is the lower half of a photo I worked on this weekend. The lower drawing is actually sort of taken from a (much larger) drawing I did earlier this year for a class. We had to do a piece on voyeurism, so I did a large drawing called "Wallpaper Design for People Who Like Being Watched". It was like the one above, but it was just the wallpaper, no floor/window and it also had a guy in the pattern - wearing sunglasses.

Once again, I apologize for the lacklustre scans. Along with the end of the school year comes the end of my access to stellar equipment. Once I get a bit of money, I'll buy a better scanner.

That's all, folks.