Monday, October 25


I mentioned in my last post (Friday) that an art post would follow (on Saturday) well, today's Monday, and here I am with my belated art post. Sorry, folks.
On the whole, it's been a good weekend - I finally decided yesterday what I'm going to dress as for halloween! Here it is:

yeah, I'm totally going as Max Fischer from Rushmore. Last year I went as Clark Kent, and the year before that (I think) I went as Margot Tenenbaum. I'm such a typical art student - I heart Wes Anderson.

Here's my new art - I'm just posting a few sketches, by no means are they finished drawings, but sometimes it's nice just to doodle with no intention of do "real" work.

You can also see a glimpse of one of my many to-do lists!

I wanted to try drawing a bird in a little batman mask (left) and in a Fantastic Mr. Fox-inspired bandit hat (right).

Friday, October 22

I've been thinking lately about my little autumn project: giving my (our) bedroom a little makeover. As I've mentioned before, when we moved in back in May, I paid a little attention to how the living room (aka the only other room in the apartment) looked, but completely ignored the bedroom, just kind of throwing the rest of the stuff in there and only going in to sleep.
Now, this project won't be a huge one, I don't have a huge budget for this (meaning that I have a budget of around zero). The nice thing about the internet is that like window shopping, it's free to look, and when I have time I love doing so. Here's a few favourites,

This post is titled I'm Dreaming Of... and blogger Kirsten Grove posts a few other wallpapers by Aimée Wilder. Well, I'm dreaming of them too, now.

I just wanted to include this image because it's such a cute photo, and such a cute chest of drawers. It makes me smile. [credit]

I stumbled across this post by someone who did all of this in their room for under $100! I'm inspired, and I have to know what thrift shop she went to to get that headboard for $8.

And finally, this apartment therapy roundup of teen bedrooms makes me wonder who these way-cooler-than-me teens are that they can have these awesome bedrooms and I'm stuck with dirty socks on the floor and tangled sheets on the bed? I'm an adult now, and should have a way cooler place to lay my head.

Art post tomorrow, g'night!

Thursday, October 14

New Art & Book Covers

I've been thinking a lot lately about making myself be even more productive...I need to do more work! There's a show I'm planning on submitting to with a deadline coming up soon, there's my independent study (for which I have a due date next week!) and then, last but not least, this blog. My original intentions for creating this blog was, after all, to stay productive after graduation.
Luckily, I have a new job which might mean a little more free time for creative work. I'm not sure how everything will come together, but fingers crossed. If not, I can at least drink a lot more coffee. It's been awhile since I've pulled an all-nighter.

I mentioned in a recent post that I bought some blank wood postcards from The Paper Place. I finally got around to making something from one of them. I plan on doing the other two soon, and hopefully more intricately, to be framed in a shadowbox.

Also, I bought myself a little present (even though I have less than no money...) I bought this collection of 100 vintage Penguin cover postcards. I love, love, love them. Aside from being fun to look at they will also fuel my recent and unrelenting interest in design. I'm also planning on framing some of them and including them in the bedroom makeover I want to start working on after the holidays.

Sunday, October 10

Art Crushes

So, I noticed today that I've a lot of posts about things I like - interiors, craft projects, even outerwear- but I haven't posted a lot about other artists. This problem for me goes way deeper than just not posting - I am really bad with name retention and even worse when it comes to remembering artists and contemporary art. Since I'm hoping to apply for master's programs in a few weeks I'm kind of fretting about the fact that I seem to be the only one of my art school peers that doesn't know that much about living, breathing, working artists. I feel like this void of knowledge is holding me back which is part of the reason why the independent study I'm doing this year is focusing quite heavily on readings on contemporary art.
Anyhoo, this post is the result of some internet time wasting over the last little while, resulting in stumbling upon two artists who are making drawings that I can't get enough of.

Katrin Hagen of Mischief Champion does these amazing drawings twice a week and according to her about section they are "a collection of regularly-updated drawings based on my every day observations. Sometimes these observations are harsh, sometimes silly. Somehow, they're mostly rather insane. " I came across the website during the summer and I spent a couple hours sitting at my desk going through the archives alternately laughing and going "awww".

Marc Johns I just found last night, while perusing a different blog I read sometimes. Similarly to the Mischief Champion website I just sat and went back thorough his blog for ages. I missed my 10pm bedtime by an hour!

Anyway, the good thing is I'm feeling inspired, so expect an art post soon!

Friday, October 8

Long Weekend!

Yay! It's the long weekend and I actually have all three days off! It was kind of an accident - I originally booked off Saturday and Sunday for a trip to Montreal, but it was postponed and I forgot to un-book the days off. Then, after telling my boss I could come in Monday, she gave me the day off anyway! Yay for [Canadian] Thanksgiving and getting a bit of work done. And there's a lot of work to be done, believe me. There's this blog, which though I have been updating regularly, feels like it needs a little more tlc. Then there's my independent study course which I'm so, so excited about but haven't been able to really delve into yet, and there's my sketchbook project, happy thoughts of productivity are currently running through my head.

Here's another sketchbook project spread, going along with my chosen theme. I'm enjoying my progress so far, but I want to slow down and take some more time with some of the pages - I want at least some of the pages to be more "finished" looking and so far they've been pretty sketch...ish. Maybe this weekend, we'll see.

I've also recently ordered five new designs for greeting cards, so now there's a total of eight of my designs available. This is a little peek at the new designs and packaging. You can check out my etsy to view full images and to buy, if ya want.