Thursday, September 6

Summer, and the Making of Plans

First off, two new pieces. I'm not sure if I'm really happy with them. I kind of told myself "today I'm going to make two pieces and I'm going to update the blog". They felt a little forced to me, but it's not a bad thing to push myself to make new work whether it works out perfectly or not. It did feel good to work on something again.
Summer is (shockingly) drawing to a close. I know everyone says and everyone feels that summer goes by really fast but it's true. It flew by. And that's okay. I'm looking forward to cooler whether, cozy nights, and enjoying hot coffee outdoors. It'll also be nice to sleep under blankets again.
That said, it wasn't a bad summer. The above picture was taken two weekends ago at the CNE and features my (and my best friend's) favourite ride - The Zipper. There's nothing quite like being strapped into a metal cage and spinning in every direction. You can hear the bolts straining to keep parts of the ride together and it crosses your mind that there's nothing but a few lazily tightened metal pieces stand between you and certain death. There's that and deep fried oreos, which I also had for the first time. Nothing says "a weekend well-spent" like carnival rides and deep-fried things (that shouldn't have been deep fried in the first place).

Now, back on the subject of how excited I am for autumn and the next few months in general. The main reason is - I'm moving! The year spent in my little bachelor has gone by fast and while I do love it, it's gotten a little too small. The place I'm going to be living in is brand new and offers much more space - so much that I'm going to have a whole separate room for studio space! In anticipation I've been looking at interior design books and blogs while putting my new place together in my head. Below are links to a few of the blogs I've been frequenting lately:

Design Sponge


 Apartment Therapy

Until next time.