Tuesday, March 20

books, sunshine, and cold medicine

The comic books class I was taking is now over. The last day was Saturday - and it was great (the class, not the fact that it's over). Our final project was a small book, a staple-less eight page book that folds out to reveal a single poster-sized image on the inside.
It was a tough one for me. I suffered writer's block for the entire three weeks allotted to work on the project. In the interest of pushing myself out of my creative comfort zone, I wanted to do something narrative. The work I do doesn't really tell stories so this is something I wanted to explore. It didn't really happen. Below I've posted the front cover and first two pages.
I am happy with how it turned out and I really like the format. I want to do more. The size is manageable and the printing costs are relatively low.

On another note, I'm fighting off a cold which always happens when the weather is finally nice. Seriously. It's beautiful in Toronoto right now. 20 degrees outside and sunny and here I am, on the couch, halfway between sleep and stupor. Oh well.

To see more images of the book or should you want to maybe get a copy for yourself, check out etsy.