Monday, November 21

Weekend Avdventures and Oncoming Holidays

The above are my two new ones for the week. I'm really trying to ramp up my productivity - I've got the sketchbook project to finish (and it's almost done!!) And any day now, my shiny new sketchbook will arrive for The Sketchbook Project's Limited Edition. I'm really excited to participate in a smaller, more communal project and I can't wait to see what the published book ends up looking like.

Another reason why I've gotten a bit of a second wind when it comes to my productivity is that I'm planning on signing up for a continuing studies course at the Ontario College of Art & Design. I'm not too sure which one yet, but I'm really looking forward to being in a class of some kind. It's not grad school, but it's better than nothing.

And now for some photos of stuff I've seen around:

Indigo has their Christmas stuff out and although it's expensive and a little pointless getting too into Christmas (especially when considering decorating an apartment that only I occupy) but it's nice to look - and they've got some festive, shiny stuff. Like the above owl ornaments.

And this little display of an oversize pocket-watch and some diamond-y paperweights. Nothing could be more useless...but, how pretty!

And since last time I posted not one, but two "T" mugs, here are some other letter mugs.

And this snow globe. They've got a bunch - this one's a rabbit but the squirrel one's also very cute. There's also a hockey player because, Canada!

In other news, I recently celebrated a birthday, and the following weekend my best friend of 21 years came to visit. We decided to get tattoos. My first, her fourth. So here it is. And if anyone's wondering why I got the name of the Afternoon Delight guys on my foot, it's a throwaway joke from the episode of The Simpsons where Bart eats the jagged metal Krusty-O, and Bleeding Gums Murphy dies. So yep. That's my left foot forever now.

Also I made homemade doughnuts. I got a doughnut maker for my birthday, which is super cool.

And mimosas!

Until next time.

Monday, October 24

Adventures on my Day Off

It's nice having Mondays off. I worked all weekend, so it's a good trade-off. It makes the rest of the week feel a bit shorter.
After sitting around my apartment watching Hoarders until 2, deciding what to do, I ventured out to grab a coffee and go for a walk.

I drink coffee every day, and 99.9% of the time it's just your standard drip coffee, with a splash of milk. I make it at home when I have time, but otherwise I'm not picky. I'll go to Starbucks just as easily as MacDonalds for coffee. I know there's a difference in taste and quality, but I honestly don't care so long as it's hot. There is, however, that .01% of the time when I feel like a latte, and it's usually when seasonal ones come out. Pictured above is my half sweet, non-fat salted caramel mocha with a double shot of espresso. I don't like being one of those people when I order coffee, but I figure my usual simplistic order of "tall bold" allows me to be picky once in a blue moon.

My travels then brought me Anthropologie. I love going there to look around, and then gasp at the prices. I really like there kitchen stuff, such as these little nesting measuring cups. Cute!

I also really like these bowls. They're perfect ice cream/cereal size. And since ice cream and cereal make up about 60% of my diet, I bought two of the ones on the left. They're like a mint green/robin's egg colour.

Then, which "T" mug? Both are cute and I was tempted by both of them even though I have no use for a new mug. And no money for novelty mugs, either.

Then I saw this felt cloche hat. With my short hair I run the risk of looking weird in hats - like I have no hair and am therefore, ah, sickly...
I wanted to try it on though. A little to big for my small-ish head, and cuter on the shelf than on me, but still. Fun to play dress up.

And also, new art. Again, just one for now but more to come soon. I really want to head back to The Paper Place soon for more stuff. When finances allow, I'll head over and grab some. I also need to keep working on my sketchbook project. So, in and effort to get going on that - goal for the week: one page per day. Starting tomorrow. Tuesday to Tuesday, with seven new pages to show for it. I look forward to my upcoming productivity.

Until next time,

Monday, October 3

Feeling Fall

So it's officially fall now and it looks and feels like it outside. It's cold and windy, and perfect for going for a walk. Or staying in and watching movies. Both of which I've been doing in abundance lately.
First off, on my mission to get to 50 of TIFF's essential 100, I bought Bladerunner the other day. It's kind of surprising that I haven't seen it yet, given my love for the genre of post-apocalyptic-sci-fi, but every time I've started it, I've fallen asleep within the first half hour. Not from boredom, of course, but because I seem to decide to watch it when I'm already sleepy. I won't make that mistake again. I did, however, manage to watch In The Mood For Love the other day. I've seen Ashes of Time and Chungking Express, also by Wong Kar Wai, but hadn't gotten around to seeing In The Mood For Love. It was beautiful and dreamy. It was also cold and distant - perfect for a rainy fall day. I won't say much more, just that everyone in the movie is sad and beautiful and yes, it made me cry (just a little).

Onto three things I've decided to post for the day:

Two images of pretty coats that I can't afford. Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

And Anthropologie.

...and Caramel Apple Spice from Starbucks. I had one yesterday. It's really, really sweet (even though I got mine half-sweet, it was still a but much) but it tastes like apple pie and it was the best way to start off my blustery grey Sunday afternoon walk yesterday.

Continuing on with my evening yesterday, (I had the day off work and nothing but time to kill) I bought this book and started reading it while enjoying a cask pint of a lovely pale ale from local Grand River Brewing Company. (pictured below).
I haven't read anything by William S. Burroughs yet, but I have seen Naked Lunch. Basically, since I'm not in school anymore I miss reading, and I intend to do more of it.

And finally, new art. Did this one yesterday before the promise of cool breezes, used bookstores, and a quiet pint lured me out of the apartment. More to come.

Saturday, September 17

Back as promised, new art etc.

So here are two new five by sevens, keeping true to the nature of this blog project. Otherwise, today, I don't have much else to say. Nothing really new or exciting here - just enjoying September, working, and watching movies. I've recently come to the realization that I need more movies. Like, a lot more. And probably a new dvd player. The combo dvd/vcr that I bought back in 2005 still does the job, except for the fact that there's no remote for it. The only options are "play" and "stop" - and there's no way to click through the menu screen. *sigh*. 10 more days until my cable gets hooked up.

So there's these to look at, and I'm off to work-
Til next time,

Friday, September 9

My New Place and Stuff

Well, first I'd like to post a few images of the new place. Yes, they're all close-ups but believe me, the wide shot isn't much to see yet. I'm still furniture-less at the moment. I'm currently sitting on my floor, listening to sad-bastard hipster country music next to an empty glass of bourbon with my computer propped up on a box.

And my beloved book-on-a-windowsill shot. My little moleskine looks so lonely.

A bit of my fabric collection - displayed more prominently than in my old place. I used to keep it all in a box, but I figured having all of my art supplies out in the open would act as a constant reminder to do stuff with it.

Little camera collection, the star of the show being my beloved Minolta XG1. It's twelve years older than I am and it carried me through 6 years of studying analog photo in school.

And the best seat in the house (incidentally the only seat in the house) -my windowsill... and I've got a fourth floor view of a pretty tree-lined street.

Side note- I wish this were mine:

Maybe one day. (Image)

And now for three random images I've stumbled across on the internet and thought I'd share:

Illustrator Justin Van Genderen does these really cool retro posters. There's Star Wars themed ones and superhero themed ones (and a whole lot of other stuff too). (Image)

Another image found on ffffound. I just thought it was cute/awesome. (Image)

And summer's just about over, but sunglasses are cool all year round. Especially cool vintage ones. I found these guys on Etsy.

Well, it's Friday night and I'm eagerly awaiting a weekend visit from my mum. Brunch and Ikea tomorrow!

Til next time.

Wednesday, September 7


Well, here I am blogging again after a rather long hiatus. To anyone who read before and is wondering what happened, I can honestly say I had no intention of ditching the blog for so long. My last post was in the first week of May and I had a lot on my mind then - and a lot has happened since.
I'm not going to go into all of the details of what proved to be a very fast summer, but I will say that I did spend much of the summer distracted with moving to a new apartment. One that I share with no one except for the cat. Take from that what you will, but things are good and one week ago today I moved into a little place to call my own. I'll put up pics soon.

Having completed the show for the library left me drained, physically and creatively as shows always do and the usual couple of weeks it takes me to bounce back spread into months. That, coupled with the heat and sunshine left me feeling summertime wanderlust - and I kept out of the house as much as possible.

All that aside, cool weather and fall months are fast approaching (especially recently when the days have been sweater-worthy and the evenings require- gasp! -a jacket). I'll be spending more time round the house and since I have no tv until the end of the month I have no choice but to spend my time watching movies, listening to my 3 year old itunes library, and being creatively productive. And so here we are.

I've started work on this year's Sketchbook Project so the following five images are the first five pages of the book. I'm not going to post every page as I go, but rather digitize and post the finished book. These I'm posting because I want to make up for the lack of new images from me for the last while. (This year's chosen theme is "Grey Side of Life")

...And a new five by seven. Just one. For now.

Finally, since TIFF is back this year and I can't afford to go to my usual ten screenings I've decided to continue on my quest to get 50 of TIFF's essential 100. I'll keep you posted on my progress. Step one, membership at Queen Video.

...And York University's student newspaper The Excalibur did a write-up and interview on my library show WHAT NOW? please read it here.

More photos, work, and stuff soon. For real this time, okay?

Saturday, May 7

Feeling Like Summer

It looks like summer and it almost feels like summer. At my job, I'm blessed with access to an actual window...and the trade off for all that sunshine is getting to watch people hanging out, walking around, eating ice cream, and enjoying various drinks on various patios. It's a tease, but I left work today knowing there were several cold beers in my fridge and a whole Saturday night at my disposal.

And I've finally done new art (and because it's been a long time and I owe you, I also have a top three and a new goal!)

For my top three I decided to grab three things that remind me of summer, because I'm looking out my window and seeing a blue sky, and it makes me happy.

As does this image from the Anthropologie summer catalogue. Oh, Anthropologie - you so crazy. And expensive.

And this photo I found on ffffound. Two summers ago I went to California and had the pleasure of my first (and second!) trip to In-N-Out. West coast Americans, you don't know how lucky you are. If we had these here I'd be obese and I don't even think I'd mind.

And key lime Lärabars. I actually just had one for the first time yesterday and they're awesome.

And my goal for the week!
At work we're having a running group incentive thing. My goal is to get a nike+ sensor and run a minimum of five miles this week (five miles for the week total - I'm not a runner so, baby steps)

Until next time! <3

Thursday, April 21

Free for All Thursday

Well, first of all, here's a sneak preview of my work for the library show, which now because of scheduling issues is being installed next Friday, at the very end of the month. A little later than originally planned, but better late then never and I'm happy with all of the work so far. Also, I got a chance to go out and buy some killer fabric, which you can see a little of in the above photo.
Next up, my three favourite things for the day. In no particular order,

This photo (and others) by Aaron Ruell

Bibimbap (which I'm making for dinner tonight)

And Star Wars. I've been re-watching the first three (aka episodes 4, 5, and 6?) and it's been awesome. Perfect accompaniment to getting work done for the library show.

Also Mill St. Stock Ale, apparently. Another perfect accompaniment to all the productivity.

S'all for now folks, new art asap.

Sunday, April 10

The Library, and another three favourite things

First of all, I'll explain why I've been so MIA for the last coupla weeks. As I mentioned in my last post, I'm working on a large number of large pieces for the library at York. They're all mixed media and text based, and I've got a couple done. However, I still need to finish seven of them, and I'm still working six-ish days per week. Gah! Where does the time go, we're already well into April! I'm going to photograph the finished ones hopefully today and I'll post them, as well as some new small (5x7!) pieces soon.
For now though, I decided to post three of my favourite things from around my apartment. I've already posted pictures of my cats and my typewriter, so those don't count, but otherwise:

My duvet cover (and the duvet inside)
Yeah, it's just a cheap duvet cover from Ikea but I like the pattern and the duvet is feather filled and so, so comfortable. Every sleep wrapped in this blanket is an awesome one. And I love my sleep.

My moose mug.
It's got a moose on it :)

My Minolta camera
This is my favourite of these three items, and is right up there with my typewriter. This camera took me through five years of being an art student and all of my best photos came out of this guy. I haven't used it in months and probably won't really use it again, but I love this camera.