Thursday, April 21

Free for All Thursday

Well, first of all, here's a sneak preview of my work for the library show, which now because of scheduling issues is being installed next Friday, at the very end of the month. A little later than originally planned, but better late then never and I'm happy with all of the work so far. Also, I got a chance to go out and buy some killer fabric, which you can see a little of in the above photo.
Next up, my three favourite things for the day. In no particular order,

This photo (and others) by Aaron Ruell

Bibimbap (which I'm making for dinner tonight)

And Star Wars. I've been re-watching the first three (aka episodes 4, 5, and 6?) and it's been awesome. Perfect accompaniment to getting work done for the library show.

Also Mill St. Stock Ale, apparently. Another perfect accompaniment to all the productivity.

S'all for now folks, new art asap.

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