Monday, February 27

Leap Year

Pictured above are three of the pages from my recently submitted sketchbook project. I was glad to get it done, but like most things in life, a little let down by the outcome. I'm looking forward to starting my Limited Edition book though - and I have high hopes and lots of ideas for the finished project.

So, what have I been up to for the last two months, aside from not contributing to this blog project? Not much. The holidays were a whirlwind, yet at the same time quiet and relaxed. Despite the complete lack of snow (and a real winter, for that matter) I'm looking forward to spring with some exciting plans and possible big changes in the works.
I've also been back in school (kind of) - taking a continuing studies class at OCAD. It's been really great being back in class, with structure and deadlines. I forgot how much I miss that part of my life and with the availability, variety, and relatively low cost of this type of thing, I can't wait to do more.
The class I'm doing is on graphic novels and comics, which is great for me - on the artistic side of things, I've long been incorporating text into my work and making sequential and narrative work seemed like a natural progression. I've also studied comics in an academic setting which was really, really fascinating but didn't give me a chance to use what I'd learned to actually produce work. This class, taught by Fiona Smyth has perfectly combined those interests.

I'll post work from the class soon, as well as new work produced on the side. I'm also planning on overhauling my website a bit and looking for shows and other ways to get myself out there a bit more. I'm drowning in artwork here in my tiny apartment and I want to find a way for people to see it.

So, for now, I've got work to make and a sunny day off to enjoy.