Monday, February 28

I Don't Care if Monday's Blue

Actually, Monday isn't really blue. It's kind of gray outside but the sun seems to be trying to fight it's way through. And I had a pretty good weekend. I missed Sunday morning yoga yesterday (because of a meeting, not my own laziness) but I did manage to meet my goal of three yoga classes last week. Sort of. Well, one of them was a proper class, but on Wednesday I didn't have time to return to my gym at night so I had to do the afternoon pilates class. I figured that the two were pretty similar. They are, I guess, but apparently the only people who go to gym classes at noon on Wednesdays are me, one other person under the age of 40, and a bunch of grandparents. It was kind of weird. Oh well.
This only means that I need to establish a new goal for myself for the week. My goal is to read and write on another essay for my other blog. I'm supposed to be doing an independent study course, but I haven't done any reading for it since the fall. Yay! something to look forward to. Now, I'm going to get back to watching Discovery World HD before getting ready for a long day at work.

Wednesday, February 23

Another Thursday, another Three

Today I've decided to do another top three photos of the moment type of post. I spent a little time looking through my favourite blogs and, of course, ffffound.
Just a quick post - I have to get up bright and early at 5am and I'm already dreading having to stand outsie and wait for the bus. Ahhh, pauvre moi.

Ryan McGinley

on ffffound

Maia Flore

Saturday, February 19

New Art Saturday

As the blog name promises, here are two new five by sevens for the week. Even though it's already two in the afternoon, I'm looking forward to a good day today. It's bright, cold, sunny, and I'm already zipping my way through my list of things to do. I'm (almost) done my post for today, then I'm going to compose a proposal that involves my (more serious) art and a library. Fingers crossed, I'm hoping this proves to be a good opportunity.
I mentioned last art post that I was trying to incorporate more French text in my work for reasons unsaid. Well, I may as well say why...I've been in contact with a gallery in Montreal about my work since the summer. Now they've got three of my pieces and my bio, so that's that. They've been fantastic and hopefully I'll be showing up on their website soon and on their walls in the not too distant future. Je suis très heureux :)

In other news, I'm starting a new large piece today, a gift promised to someone back in December. I thank him for his patience and by the end of the week he'll have a new, shiny, work of art hanging on his wall.

My fiction project book arrived in the mail the other day and despite setting my goal to get started on it over a week ago, I still haven't done much more than open the brand new black moleskine and flip through the pages. So, that goal still stands - this week I will start this thing. But in in the interest of being productive and goal oriented, my new mini goal for the week is to do yoga three times. I've managed to catch a couple classes last week and really enjoyed it. I'm already going tomorrow morning before work, so what's twice more?

And since I'm still trying to keep my new year's resolution to take more photos, here's a pic of my tin of pencils and pens (the one I take on the road with me), my receipt book and weekly planner by drop around letterpress, and my washi tape all stacked up on top of my fiction project notebook. Hopefully that little collection of things will leak inspiration into the book so that when I open it up it'll be ready to go.

Thursday, February 17

Tick Tock

Quick post for today, I just wanted to pipe in with today's top three. I was thinking of basing around a theme on colour, but when I started going through my favourites collection online, I saw these images in the same grouping and thought the patterns looked really nice together - so my top three is based around pattern, I guess?

I love this re-worked vintage globe. There's a collection featuring this one with more here.

And this crazy awesome locket is from the same blog.

And this clock is so cute.

And that's all for now, folks! New art and progress on my little goals coming up soon.

Sunday, February 13

Hey, it's Monday

Now, I'm not very sentimental. J and I don't really do anything for valentine's day. For our first valentine's together I bought him a case of beer - I was old enough and he wasn't. Since then we've bonded over agreeing how lame the holiday is. That said, this morning I reminded him of how much I love him by changing his desktop wallpaper to a picture of us before he woke up. Now I'm on my way to work for the rest of the day.
So, have good day, whether you're spending it with your better half, waiting for your mom to call and wish you a happy valentine's day, or sitting by yourself eating cheetos.

Saturday, February 12

The Daily Grind

Lately I've been getting weekends off, so I actually have some semblance of normalcy - that is, a normal work life. I get to push through the daily grind Monday to Friday and then sit back and enjoy my weekend - two glorious, back to back days of...whatever I want.
And what I want today is to tackle a couple of my New Year's Resolutions.

One of those goals was to top 50 on TIFF's 100 Essential Cinema List. As soon as I post this, I'm popping in a blu ray of The 400 Blows (the pic above is a still).

Another of my goals was to take more photos. That's my kitty Paul up there.
And lastly, I also had a goal to apply to more shows. I'm meeting up with a friend tonight to make plans for a two person show and we'll be submitting applications soon.

Aaaand, I know it's not Thursday, but I've got a top three to post. Another of my resolutions was to finally finish my weight loss goal from 2008. In 2008 I lost about 60 pounds. I've got 15 to lose and so I'm back to doing the only thing that worked...counting calories. I've lost three pounds in the last ten days and I just came back from a great morning at the gym. That said, I'm posting three of my favourite foods, calorie considerations aside.

I could eat ice cream by the ...tubfull? I know it's not a word, but put a tub (or any other receptacle) of ice cream in front of me and I'll eat it all. I. Love. It. Favourite flavours? mint chocolate, Ben & Jerry's Half Baked, and vanilla frozen yogurt. (image credit)

Cereal. Not this cereal in particular (I've never tried C-3PO's but the box made me lol) but I really love cereal. Mostly the healthy, fibre-y kinds, but also fruit loops and various toast crunches (cinnamon and french toast). The scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall where Jason Segal eats a mixing bowl full of cereal could easily be me.

Last but not least, burgers. There are few foods that I actually get cravings for. Especially savoury ones. Burgers are one of them. This particular image is from Burgers Priest, one of my favourite burgers in Toronto. For my non vegetarian Torontonian friends, hop on the subway, make the trip east and eat this burger. (image credit)

Thursday, February 3

Happy Thursday!

Yesterday was grey and blustery, but today is bright, cold, and sunny. The sky is clear blue, and I'm feeling productive. On that note, I've got new work. I woke up, made my coffee, and got to work. I love days when I don't feel lazy.
The top image has a little bit of (easy) French text because I'm going to try to start working a bit more French text in for fun, but also for reasons I haven't announced yet ;)

Anyway, since I'm feeling productive, I may as well set myself up with a new goal for the week. Since I finished and sent away my Sketchbook Project book with a few regrets about my lack of planning, my goal for the week is to get a headstart on my Fiction Project book. I need to start writing and drawing so I can be satisfied with a more well planned final product. My book hasn't come in the mail yet, but that's no reason not to start, so here goes!

Wednesday, February 2

Feeling Blustery

It's cold and snowing outside, and I'm cozy on my couch watching HBO (catching up on Boardwalk Empire) and wearing my pajamas. I'm not looking forward to leaving for work in an hour, but for now, at least, I can ignore what's going on outside my windows. Speaking of which, here's the view outside:

I know I'm nearly a week late on my Top Three Thursday post (given that tomorrow is Thursday) but I decided that, since it's so snowy outside, I'd compile some wintery white images.

This dress from Modcloth. So pretty! But not very warm, I'm afraid.

This photo is from a new blog called Hello Holga.

And this photo is from ffffound. It made me lol a little. :)

Art soon! Sorry it's been kind of few and far between lately. I started off the year with a bang but I'm afraid I've been fizzling out over the last week or two. Hopefully I can get some work done tomorrow though, since I've got another morning off. New goals, New favourites, and new art!