Thursday, January 13


For my first top three thursday back from my break I've decided to do a miniature roundup of my favourite three recent "favourites" from craftgawker. Usually I just add an image I like and then check the link and tag it later. It's nice to revisit these images. Click to look at all of my favourites.

This image is cute, simple, and I love the colours.

This image reminds me of summer. I know it's still only January, and it's only been snowy here for a week, but I am looking forward to spring. And fresh spring-y air.

Finally, this super cute calendar seems like a great way to look forward to the new year, and it also brings me to my mini weekly goal and a glimpse at my New Year's resolutions.

My little goal for the week is to finish and send off my sketchbook project. It's due the day after tomorrow, so, for better or worse this goal will be accomplished.

As for my New Year's resolutions...well, I usually don't make them. I didn't last year, and I figured I wouldn't this year, but I do have things I need to accomplish so there's no harm in making it official.

1. Get to over 50 on TIFF's 100 Essential Cinema List (I'm at 30 now)
2. Take more photos
3. Participate in The Fiction Project
4. Submit my work to more art shows
5. Go to more art shows
6. Finally achieve my two year old weight loss goal

So there they are!

Until next time :D

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