Thursday, February 3

Happy Thursday!

Yesterday was grey and blustery, but today is bright, cold, and sunny. The sky is clear blue, and I'm feeling productive. On that note, I've got new work. I woke up, made my coffee, and got to work. I love days when I don't feel lazy.
The top image has a little bit of (easy) French text because I'm going to try to start working a bit more French text in for fun, but also for reasons I haven't announced yet ;)

Anyway, since I'm feeling productive, I may as well set myself up with a new goal for the week. Since I finished and sent away my Sketchbook Project book with a few regrets about my lack of planning, my goal for the week is to get a headstart on my Fiction Project book. I need to start writing and drawing so I can be satisfied with a more well planned final product. My book hasn't come in the mail yet, but that's no reason not to start, so here goes!

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