Wednesday, February 2

Feeling Blustery

It's cold and snowing outside, and I'm cozy on my couch watching HBO (catching up on Boardwalk Empire) and wearing my pajamas. I'm not looking forward to leaving for work in an hour, but for now, at least, I can ignore what's going on outside my windows. Speaking of which, here's the view outside:

I know I'm nearly a week late on my Top Three Thursday post (given that tomorrow is Thursday) but I decided that, since it's so snowy outside, I'd compile some wintery white images.

This dress from Modcloth. So pretty! But not very warm, I'm afraid.

This photo is from a new blog called Hello Holga.

And this photo is from ffffound. It made me lol a little. :)

Art soon! Sorry it's been kind of few and far between lately. I started off the year with a bang but I'm afraid I've been fizzling out over the last week or two. Hopefully I can get some work done tomorrow though, since I've got another morning off. New goals, New favourites, and new art!

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