Monday, February 28

I Don't Care if Monday's Blue

Actually, Monday isn't really blue. It's kind of gray outside but the sun seems to be trying to fight it's way through. And I had a pretty good weekend. I missed Sunday morning yoga yesterday (because of a meeting, not my own laziness) but I did manage to meet my goal of three yoga classes last week. Sort of. Well, one of them was a proper class, but on Wednesday I didn't have time to return to my gym at night so I had to do the afternoon pilates class. I figured that the two were pretty similar. They are, I guess, but apparently the only people who go to gym classes at noon on Wednesdays are me, one other person under the age of 40, and a bunch of grandparents. It was kind of weird. Oh well.
This only means that I need to establish a new goal for myself for the week. My goal is to read and write on another essay for my other blog. I'm supposed to be doing an independent study course, but I haven't done any reading for it since the fall. Yay! something to look forward to. Now, I'm going to get back to watching Discovery World HD before getting ready for a long day at work.

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