Thursday, March 3

Three for Thursday

Well, Thursday posts are getting shorter and shorter I know, but once again - I've got a long to-do list to work my way through before noon (which is when I start work).
Today I decided to post my top three etsy finds for the day.
I'm not huge into etsy, but I use it (and may have the record for the longest time running a shop without selling a single thing) and I've purchased two things from it. Etsy is nice because you can find a lot of really cool things at really great prices. You do, however, have to sift through a lot of questionable stuff to get there. Well, I've done some sifting and here's what came up-

The Lovely Lincoln Ring (as it's named) has been on my "to buy" list since the summer, when I first stumbled across this little guy.

These vintage typewriter rings are so, so cool - I'm a type/typewriter nerd and the ones in this shop are all so unique. I actually bought one a few weeks ago. They were all sold out of t's so I got one that says "self starter" I have no idea why a typewriter would have a self starter key...but I love that ring.

I've been thinking lately about getting new glasses. There are so many vintage frames on etsy, and these ones are particularly lovely.

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