Thursday, March 24

More Photos and New Art

Holding true to my New Year's resolution to take more photos has been helped by my new, shiny iphone. Yep, I've got even more hipstamatic pics to post. Don't worry - I don't plan on making this a permanent feature.

And another shot my my little fella, Paul. He's fast asleep now, but I know he's loving ll the attention.

And one of my most favourite purchases ever. I love my typewriter (possibly even more than my macbook). And I got it for $8.

And now onto the new work. Just some sketches for now. I've got a lot coming up, between planning a show with my good friend Sean, and putting together a bunch of large mixed media pieces for the library at my university. They recently renovated the second floor and now have a gigantic white wall that they want programmed with work. I'm really excited, but I do have to finish ten new pieces by the end of April (and we're talking several feet here, not little ones!). Eek!

And that's that for now. I don't want so much time to pass between now and the next time I post. I feel bad letting it slide (especially since the blog's one year anniversary passed a couple weeks ago!!!!) but I hate posting when I've got nothing to post. I'll keep taking photos, I'll keep pen to paper, and I'll keep trying to come up with things to say.

Til next time!

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