Monday, October 3

Feeling Fall

So it's officially fall now and it looks and feels like it outside. It's cold and windy, and perfect for going for a walk. Or staying in and watching movies. Both of which I've been doing in abundance lately.
First off, on my mission to get to 50 of TIFF's essential 100, I bought Bladerunner the other day. It's kind of surprising that I haven't seen it yet, given my love for the genre of post-apocalyptic-sci-fi, but every time I've started it, I've fallen asleep within the first half hour. Not from boredom, of course, but because I seem to decide to watch it when I'm already sleepy. I won't make that mistake again. I did, however, manage to watch In The Mood For Love the other day. I've seen Ashes of Time and Chungking Express, also by Wong Kar Wai, but hadn't gotten around to seeing In The Mood For Love. It was beautiful and dreamy. It was also cold and distant - perfect for a rainy fall day. I won't say much more, just that everyone in the movie is sad and beautiful and yes, it made me cry (just a little).

Onto three things I've decided to post for the day:

Two images of pretty coats that I can't afford. Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

And Anthropologie.

...and Caramel Apple Spice from Starbucks. I had one yesterday. It's really, really sweet (even though I got mine half-sweet, it was still a but much) but it tastes like apple pie and it was the best way to start off my blustery grey Sunday afternoon walk yesterday.

Continuing on with my evening yesterday, (I had the day off work and nothing but time to kill) I bought this book and started reading it while enjoying a cask pint of a lovely pale ale from local Grand River Brewing Company. (pictured below).
I haven't read anything by William S. Burroughs yet, but I have seen Naked Lunch. Basically, since I'm not in school anymore I miss reading, and I intend to do more of it.

And finally, new art. Did this one yesterday before the promise of cool breezes, used bookstores, and a quiet pint lured me out of the apartment. More to come.

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