Friday, October 22

I've been thinking lately about my little autumn project: giving my (our) bedroom a little makeover. As I've mentioned before, when we moved in back in May, I paid a little attention to how the living room (aka the only other room in the apartment) looked, but completely ignored the bedroom, just kind of throwing the rest of the stuff in there and only going in to sleep.
Now, this project won't be a huge one, I don't have a huge budget for this (meaning that I have a budget of around zero). The nice thing about the internet is that like window shopping, it's free to look, and when I have time I love doing so. Here's a few favourites,

This post is titled I'm Dreaming Of... and blogger Kirsten Grove posts a few other wallpapers by Aimée Wilder. Well, I'm dreaming of them too, now.

I just wanted to include this image because it's such a cute photo, and such a cute chest of drawers. It makes me smile. [credit]

I stumbled across this post by someone who did all of this in their room for under $100! I'm inspired, and I have to know what thrift shop she went to to get that headboard for $8.

And finally, this apartment therapy roundup of teen bedrooms makes me wonder who these way-cooler-than-me teens are that they can have these awesome bedrooms and I'm stuck with dirty socks on the floor and tangled sheets on the bed? I'm an adult now, and should have a way cooler place to lay my head.

Art post tomorrow, g'night!

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