Sunday, October 10

Art Crushes

So, I noticed today that I've a lot of posts about things I like - interiors, craft projects, even outerwear- but I haven't posted a lot about other artists. This problem for me goes way deeper than just not posting - I am really bad with name retention and even worse when it comes to remembering artists and contemporary art. Since I'm hoping to apply for master's programs in a few weeks I'm kind of fretting about the fact that I seem to be the only one of my art school peers that doesn't know that much about living, breathing, working artists. I feel like this void of knowledge is holding me back which is part of the reason why the independent study I'm doing this year is focusing quite heavily on readings on contemporary art.
Anyhoo, this post is the result of some internet time wasting over the last little while, resulting in stumbling upon two artists who are making drawings that I can't get enough of.

Katrin Hagen of Mischief Champion does these amazing drawings twice a week and according to her about section they are "a collection of regularly-updated drawings based on my every day observations. Sometimes these observations are harsh, sometimes silly. Somehow, they're mostly rather insane. " I came across the website during the summer and I spent a couple hours sitting at my desk going through the archives alternately laughing and going "awww".

Marc Johns I just found last night, while perusing a different blog I read sometimes. Similarly to the Mischief Champion website I just sat and went back thorough his blog for ages. I missed my 10pm bedtime by an hour!

Anyway, the good thing is I'm feeling inspired, so expect an art post soon!

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