Monday, October 25


I mentioned in my last post (Friday) that an art post would follow (on Saturday) well, today's Monday, and here I am with my belated art post. Sorry, folks.
On the whole, it's been a good weekend - I finally decided yesterday what I'm going to dress as for halloween! Here it is:

yeah, I'm totally going as Max Fischer from Rushmore. Last year I went as Clark Kent, and the year before that (I think) I went as Margot Tenenbaum. I'm such a typical art student - I heart Wes Anderson.

Here's my new art - I'm just posting a few sketches, by no means are they finished drawings, but sometimes it's nice just to doodle with no intention of do "real" work.

You can also see a glimpse of one of my many to-do lists!

I wanted to try drawing a bird in a little batman mask (left) and in a Fantastic Mr. Fox-inspired bandit hat (right).


  1. Nice costume idea! I am going as Amelia Earhart :)

  2. Not even 5 minutes before I read this, I was looking at the Coppola family tree page on Wikipedia. Crazy. (Jason Schwartzman is related to the Coppolas).

  3. Moe - good idea!

    ...and isn't everyone related to the Coppolas?