Wednesday, November 3

New Art & Art Toronto

Another two pages for my Sketchbook Project book. I've been chipping away at it bit by bit, but it's tough - I really need to hunker down on it in order to get it done in time to send away in January. Luckily, I've decided on a more effective way of organizing my time (much needed, given the fact that I'm currently balancing two jobs). I've assigned each of my four ongoing projects (my class, my grad school applications, this blog, and the sketchbook project) a day of the week that I force myself to dedicate to that project. If I happen to have that day off, I can dedicate the whole day and get a bunch done. If I only have a couple of hours before/after work, then a few hours it's better than nothing after all. Fingers crossed that it helps me get more done and feel less overwhelmed.

I loved the little bird in the batman-ish mask last week so I decided to do a little repeat.

In other news, I got to go to Art Toronto over the weekend. I went for a specific reason, but on both Saturday and Sunday made time to walk around and check out most of the galleries. Just to explain, Art Toronto, or the Toronto International Art Fair brings galleries (and their featured artists) from all over the world into one place. Artists set up booths that act as mini galleries and people flock to see (and buy) the art. I wish that I had thought to take some notes or write down some of my favourites. I have no idea why I didn't think to, I usually write down everything, all the time. On my hands, in a notebook, on the back of a crumpled receipt...

That said, one piece I do remember (and knew would be google-able) was this one by Damien Hirst. I'd heard of him and his diamond crusted skull before but never really looked into his other work. The gallery representing him in Montréal had a large display of several of his pieces, the one above included. There was another one with it that was more pink and green and it's impossible to tell from the picture but all of the red in this one was glittering with diamond dust. If the print didn't cost more than a year of my university tuition, I would have brought one home. There was also a painting that was about 18" x 12" (give or take) of multicoloured circles...for $200,000. Ah well. Maybe one day I'll be able to throw some paint onto canvas and legitimately charge more than most people make in a year.

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