Thursday, November 25

...aaand fifty!

Here we are, post number fifty, and I'm excited to announce my two new weekly features:

Top Three Thursday is going to feature little lists of threes based around a chosen theme for the week. I've already been doing this from time to time but I've decided to make it official and finally create some focus for all the time I spend mindlessly searching the interwebs.

My mini weekly goal will be just that - each week I want to set a small goal for myself and achieve it by the time I introduce the next goal. I hope this might prove to be fun and interesting, and I intend for my goals each week to span many different topics - personal, artistic, practical, and just fun. I'm not sure what day of the week to feature this, or if it should just be a sort of...whenever thing like my art posts. Either way, I came ready to do posts on both features today. I'll start with my goal for the week: Decide which schools I want to apply to for MFA programs and begin the applications. It's not the most fun, I know, but it's something that's been on my mind for about a year and a half now and I want my applications this year to be well planned and thought out.

Now for today's Top Three Thursday post.
The very first list of things I posted on this blog was of things from around the internet that inspire me. So I've decided to kick this feature off with my top three favourite blogs (that also happen to keep me inspired).

The first is A Beautiful Mess. I check this blog a few times weekly and am always pleasantly surprised by how often Elsie is able to post! There is always, and I mean always, new content and it isn't just quantity. She has a few fun weekly features (a clear inspiration for me to begin mine) and great photos. It's a craft, art, and lifestyle blog that I can't get enough of and she has just begun a new one to keep her readers up to date on her wedding plans.

The next is Velvet Pony. I've mentioned it before and the reason why is because it's one of the first blogs I ever read on a continuing basis. I found it when looking for some photo inspiration for a class assignment a year or two ago and even though the blogger doesn't really write anymore she always manages to find beautiful photography from Europe and across the world.

The next is Julia Pott Illustration. I know I've also mentioned Julia Pott before, but I love the way she is able to extend her illustration and style across so many media - from totes and zines to illustration and marketing. I don't know exactly what I'm working towards as far as my career goes, but I know for sure that I would love to have such a clean, consistent style and be able to learn the skill set that would allow me to do seemingly everything!
So that's post number fifty. I'll be back soon with new art, updates on my goal this week, and updates for my other blog. Thanks for sticking with me for this long and here's hoping for another fifty (at least!)


  1. Hey, i saw you on the arthouse co-op page. Nice to see that you made goals for yourself. I don't see that often, so i'm going to follow you! I also joined the sketchbookproject a few days ago and my goal is to fill 40 pages in 40 days!! (and maybe nights ^0^)

  2. that's an awesome goal! I should totally try that - 'm struggling to fill mine :S

  3. Yes, in life we need goal to get our walk focused.
    Best of luck!