Wednesday, November 24


This is my forty-ninth post - which is completely meaningless, save for the fact that I have some plans for my fiftieth. As in, there are two new weekly features that I want to introduce and will do so as part of my fiftieth post. This is, of course, in addition to the fact that the blog itself is a weekly feature, showcasing my new work week by week. That's not going to change, I promise.

Now, I knew that today was not going to be my day when it started. The first indication was the icy blast of cold weather as I left the house to walk to the gym this morning. Yesterday was so mild, I just wasn't expecting it. No big deal though, it's November and Canada - I should have seen it coming. The next thing to go wrong was when the guy at Starbucks called me "Sir" as he handed over my tall bold. I mean, granted, I was wearing a toque and a black softshell jacket (nothing girly) but really? Sir?
Moving on, my next discouraging moment was when I finally got to the gym and realized that due to the worsening cold that I fear has now made it's way into my lungs, I felt dizzy and completely unable to face the treadmill. I hadn't even taken off my coat when I decided to turn back, head home, and hope that my body is ready for a workout tomorrow. At least I got 20 minutes of exercise walking there and back.

Now for some art-

Here's another spread from my Sketchbook Project book. It's coming along, but to be honest, I kind of wish I had put a little more thought into designing something a bit more cohesive. I also wish my scanner, which is otherwise awesome, seems to overexpose all of these scans. It's probably a settings thing that I just need to figure out.

I decided to photograph this page instead of scanning. I bought this really cute letterpressed receipt book (made by drop around) from The Paper Place and though I'd use it for real receipts (if I ever sold anyhthing) I am also enjoying using them in things.

Speaking of The Paper Place - I went in last week and in addition to the drop around letterpress stuff, I also bought some more patterned Japanese papers and the beautiful robin's egg blue linen tape pictured above. Just thought I'd mention it. Isn't it pretty?

And finally, I'm in the process if getting the installation images from my show in August edited and colour corrected. Here's one of my favourite pieces. The bird is puffy and quilted and the piece is framed in a really sweet shadowbox. It's 5" x 7" (and totally for sale).

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