Monday, November 15

sketchbookin' 2

Once again, I've decided to do some more quick sketchbook drawings. Between working on my book project and the sketchbook project I've been doing some more serious work lately and this morning I just wanted to do something fun.
It'll be a quick post today: not much is new here, and I'm still (as always) getting a grasp on how fast time seems to be going. I still (as always) feel like I'm being crushed by to-do lists, but I am helping myself out with better time management. Now I just need to get a grasp on my breakfast. It's just after 10 am and all I've had so far was five mini reece cups.

1 comment:

  1. Just found your blog via facebook and really love your work!
    I too am doing the sketchbook project and haven't really blogged about it yet, but might just do that in a few days when i have more to show. As a new mama the days pass quite quickly indeed.

    Anyhow, i look forward to reading more about you and your work!