Thursday, December 2

art post and top three thursday

So, I have to say au revoir once again - I'm going to Montréal for the weekend, and I'm leaving tonight at midnight. I'm not relishing the 8 hours spent overnight on the greyhound bus, but at least I'll have my beloved by my side and the promise of beer and poutine to keep me afloat.

Which brings my to my second Top Three Thursday post!
I've decided to post on the top three things I'm excited for this weekend. I have never been to Montréal before and I have a feeling I am going to fall in love.

The first on my Montréal top three is poutine. For any non-Canadian readers this may seem like a weird, heart stopping mix of unhealthy junk, and to be sure, it totally is. Is is also, however, so much more. Fresh cut fries; fresh, bouncy cheese curds; and...brown sauce come together to make an awesome and satisfying meal. Or snack. Or snack then meal. Poutine is awesome and being an Ontario...ite? means that though I've had some decent poutine, I know I haven't had the best.

The next thing I'm excited for is the Blundstone boots I've promised myself. They're hipster-ey, warm, and cozy, and after months and months of being broke (not to say that I'm sleeping on a bed of money now, or anything) I'm really looking forward to spending a little money on something a little cooler than bills, groceries, bills, rent, and bills.
I know I can get them in Toronto - the blunstones store is only steps from one of my places of work - but this weekend away coincides with payday and I can't wait until I get back.

And finally, I'm really looking forward to going to the Dieu De Ciel brewery. I love beer. I'm not that big on wine or cocktails...I don't even like those grenadine-infused "girly" drinks that I'm supposed to be genetically predisposed to like. But beer? love.
Dieu De Ciel make really good beer that I've only recently had the pleasure of trying, and I'm excited to see them in person and hopefully try some varieties I haven't yet.
I'm going to continue cleaning and getting ready, since I'm heading to the bus station straight from work. I'm bringing my drawing stuff, so hopefully after the combined 16 hours of bus travel I'll have some new art to post when at get back. I'll have some photos at the very least.

And Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish friends and readers! <3

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