Wednesday, December 8

mini weekly update

I don't have much to show right now - no pictures! I'm sorry! But I wanted to talk a little about Montréal set my next weekly goal.
First, Montréal was great. After the long overnight bus ride there we were met with a bright, cold, sunny morning in a new city (well, new for me anyway). We got to where we were staying, dropped our bags and decided what we wanted to do first. It was still too early for lunch, but one of the stores that sold my boots was only a few minutes away. I tried them on and then they were mine! I even wore them out of the store like a kid. Then, working from my top three list from last Thursday, we decided to go for poutine and toasted hot dogs for lunch. Apparently hot dog buns that are buttered and toasted are a Quebec thing and I have no idea why it hasn't caught on everywhere - they were awesome. We then trekked to Jean-Talon market, then met a friend for food and beer.
Saturday we slept in then went to Schwartz's for one of the best sandwiches of my life. Who knew meat, bread, and mustard could be so amazing? With full tummies we walked to the Museum of Contemporary Art and spent the rest of the afternoon there. We rounded out the day with dinner at Joe Beef and drinks at Au Dieu de Ciel (again).
Finally, quick brunch on Sunday prepared us for the eight hour bus ride home.

This sort of brings me to my Mini Weekly Goal update from last week. I wanted to decide which schools to apply to and get started on the process. It's cutting it really close since applications are due in a month, but better late then never, right? I've decided on the four schools I'll be applying to and I've asked people for reference letters. I'm getting there, slowly but surely.
I wasn't sure whether I wanted to apply to schools in other cities but I'm realizing (and some time away helped) that Toronto is home for now, and I really don't want to leave. I know that my choices are limited by not wanting to leave, but...the heart wants what it wants. And it wants Toronto.

My goal for the coming week is a little simpler. I'm trying to eat healthier keep up my energy for the gym. I know that eating is really important for health and weight loss, so my goal for the week is to eat fresh vegetables each and everyday for the week. This should be a no-brainer, but convenience usually wins and I find myself eating McDonald's more than I'd like. Not this week!

Art post and new top three tomorrow :)

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