Tuesday, December 14

new work, new goal

The first thing I wanted to do is post a quick picture of the boots I was so excited about getting in Montréal. I've been wearing them almost everyday and they are super comfortable, in addition to keeping my toes warm. I've stopped biking for the winter (too cold!) but I'm still walking to work almost everyday. The half hour walk is made much, much easier with warm, happy feet.

On another note, I'm gearing up for the holidays, but the excitement hasn't come yet. It could be the fact that I work retail or it could be that I know this is the first year I won't be home for Christmas. It's also probably the fact that I have barely even begun to think about gifts for people - I have no idea what to get for most of the people on my list and, just like everything else in my life, I can hear the clock ticking. I hate thinking of the holiday as yet another thing on my ever expanding to-do list...but I'm sure as soon as I watch one of my top three Christmas movies (wait for Thursday!) I'll feel the Christmas cheer. Sigh.

Here's some new work! I photographed rather than scanned because my scanner is currently topped with a bunch of papers and boxes and I didn't quite feel like moving it all. Yes, laziness has to win sometimes. I've also decided to do two text only drawings this week in anticipation of a new project I'm working on for the new year.

Another sketchbook project page. I've decided to go ahead and announce my next mini weekly goal today. The vegetables-every-day thing is going well - so far, so good. As a compliment to that I've also decided to cut out McDonald's indefinitely (or until I lose five pounds). I'm a little ashamed to admit how often I eat (ate) there, but the combination of low cost, super convenience, and shamefully awesome flavour have made me a McDonald's fiend of late. No more!

My new weekly goal is in honour of the the looming deadline for The Sketchbook Project. I've decided to do a page a day for the next week. I may not have time to blog my progress each day, particularly since I'm going home this weekend for an early Christmas, but I'll keep everyone posted.

Until Thursday!

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