Saturday, July 31

Into the Woods

Or just into wood? My inspiration post for this week features natural wood. The reason why is because the other day I stopped at The Paper Place and bought a few things. They had these small, paper thin sheets of birch in three different sizes. I bought the middle size, and I intend to make beautiful miniature drawings/paintings/collages/illustrations on them. Then, after a little more wandering through the store (which houses an overload of things cute and beautiful) and entertaining a little sugar high on macarons from Nadege, I also bought a little blank wooden bracelet. They are plain and unfinished so that they can be decorated. I wondered whether the work I do would translate to jewelery, so I decided to give it a shot. Of course, I'll post as soon as I finish whatever I manage to do on it.

The wooden bracelet (still naked for now) and one of the little birch cards, also naked.

And now for other people's stuff:

I've mentioned Charmaine Olivia before, but I love her paintings on board. I also love doing paintings/collages on board, and since completing one is my goal for the weekend, I figured I'd post one of hers.

This brooch from Veer is so cute and design-y. And since I'm having a little love affair with design lately, I thought I'd post it. Most of their merch is type based and after about two years of ogling their online shop, I know it's just a matter of time before I buy this. Or a typography themed t-shirt, or typography themed coasters.

And how could I not love these little guys?

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