Monday, July 26

Working for the Weekend

I had such a busy weekend. It was a great weekend, but crazy busy and I didn't get much done. On Saturday, I threw a birthday party for my favourite boy, and the theme was Cake vs. Pie (as in, which is better?) I'm a cake person, through and through - whereas his allegiance lies with pie. As does that of his foodie brother, who took my idea for the theme as a personal vendetta against me and my cake loving ways. Needless to say, I spent Saturday night in a sauna of an apartment, surrouded by good friends, and in the throes of a serious sugar high. Saturdays have been worse.
On Sunday, I gave myself the entire day to work, but instead just cleaned my apartment and then went to friends' place for steak tacos. Again, Sundays have been worse.

Now, however, I'm already catching up on lost time and looking forward to spending the weekend (I know it's only Monday) working and getting stuff done.

Now, I really enjoyed putting together last week's "inspiration" post, so I thought I'd do it again, this time along a theme. I've really been getting into books lately, specifically artist books and handmade books, so I'm posting some of my recent favourites.

This lovely book also happens to be a pinhole camera! Cute and useful. I found it here.

This darling little book (and the how-to) are found here. I recently worked at a library and used to use these little due date slips to write to-do lists on. Now I kind of wish I'd held onto a few so I could use them for the covers, like on these ones. Oh well. I'm still determined to make a bunch of these little books.

I recently bought a copy of this zine from wonderfully talented illustrator and animator Julia Pott. It is more beautiful in person. I'm in love with the cute, chubby animals and the heartbreaking captions. I guess I'm a sucker for heartbreak. Also, I'm already wondering how I can get my drawings to translate into the zine/book form.

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