Monday, July 26

...And new for this week

Two quick sketches for today. I know they're not as finished or polished as most of the work I post, but I gotta say, it's nice just doing lazy doodles in my sketchbook again. I haven't really used a sketchbook for maybe two years now, because all of the small scale drawings I do end up being finished completely. I also have to say, It's nice doing a landscape again. I used to love, love, love drawing landscapes like the one above but it started to get a little old. Oh well, landscapes are making a comeback (as far as I'm concerned).

I also wanted to post some of my work in progress. I've gone on and on about this show so I figured it's time to actually show how it's coming along. As you can see, it's a bit of a departure in size from most of the work I normally post, but it's been fun working on a larger scale. This particular drawing is 44" x 30".

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