Saturday, July 31

Coffee Headache

Unrelated to this weekend's post, I started off the day as I do every Saturday - with a hot black cup of coffee. What I failed to remember was that I haven't had coffee for a week so the caffeine made me jittery and gave me a killer headache. I powered through, though, and managed to get a bit of work done.

My first five by seven for today. It needs more but I don't know what.

The second. Not the best photo, unfortunately, but I didn't want to put all of that into my scanner. This is one of the ones that is going to be going into a shadowbox, and I'm excited to see it all finished. It was nice doing a bit of beading and embroidery again - I'll have to keep it up. I've got yards of fabrics and many little containers full of beads just waiting to be used. I haven't attached the text yet because I'm not sure exactly where I want it to go.

On another, unrelated note, the weather has been wonderful lately, and finally it's not humid! I was actually cold in my apartment this morning, which hasn't happened since I first moved in in May. I woke up around five and put a blanket on the bed! I was so excited to be cozy under my feather duvet I could hardly get back to sleep!

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