Monday, July 19

Case of the Mondays.

I think I may be getting too old to use the floor as my studio. My back is killing me. On the plus side, I've finished one large drawing, and am nearly done a second. I've also done a new small piece (above), so the weekend has been a productive one. Even though tomorrow is Monday and I've got a busy-as-hell week ahead, I can start the week comfortable and confident in the knowledge that I didn't just waste away the days in front of the television.
I also had an impromptu photo shoot of my greeting cards so that people could get an idea of how they actually look, rather than just the scans.
It feels good to be busy and productive, and I'm glad that things seem to be coming together. I've got three large pieces for the show off to be framed later this week, and I'm also involved in a second upcoming show! Next weekend I've got a birthday party to host, but I'm hoping to compensate for the lost time during the week. Wish me luck!


  1. Hey,

    I love your artwork. I came across it when it was displayed at one of York's art galleries. Your work inspired me and I ended up creating something similar. Anyway, looking forward to your next art show!