Monday, August 2

6 month blog-verasry!

It's been six months since I started this little project, and since I posted new work yesterday, I figured I'd post some pictures of my workspace - my little corner of the room I lovingly refer to as my studio. I've explained before how I work in a little nest of stuff, all piled around an empty spot I sit in, with all of my pens, pencils, scissors, glue, coffee, etc at reach.
This photo is my favourite, and it includes my favourite piece of equipment - my typewriter. I bought it 5 years ago at Value Village and I've replaced the tape once. Sitting down in front of it always inspires me to come up with something, (even a few angsty poems I wrote after drinking a whole bottle of wine in 2005).

More junk, including my new screenprint squeegee and the boat tin I keep my sewing stuff in. And of course, the empty coffee cup from two days ago.

The thing on top of the black box is the folder where I keep all of my medium bits of patterned paper. Small ones go into a clear envelope, big ones stay in a large, flat paper bag. The other box is marked "fabric" and it's where all the medium and small bits of fabric live. The big pieces have a drawer.

The coarkboard hangs over my desk and houses some recent drawings as well as friend's art show invites and a few business cards.

My scanner! (And old laptop)

My cat Dee Dee, unimpressed at being woken up from his nap with a camera lens inching ever closer to his little nose. He is a constant fixture while I'm working, usually choosing to plop his fat self down on whatever piece of paper I'm trying to work on.

Well, that's it for now, folks. Until next week! (And here's hoping for another great 6 months!)


  1. I love these photos! Thanks for sharing! Beautiful blog :)

  2. I want to read those angsty poems. Please have another bottle of wine and post them, haha.