Sunday, August 8

Down to the wire!

It's only 10 days until I install the show, and I didn't want to talk to much about it on here because I know that repetitive post topics can be boring (I read a lot of blogs). However, I'm beginning to feel the last minute pressure of the walls closing in, and that's the feeling that allows me to be most productive. When it comes to research and essays, I'll start well in advance, carefully following my method of notetaking, drafting, and editing. When it comes to art-making, however, I'm at my best when it's a coffee-and-nausea fueled all-nighter with my body aching and a ticking clock looming over my head. Ahhh, makes me feel like a student again.

I was going to sell some of my greeting cards sets at the show, but I figured that the logistics of doing so would be a little tricky. I've decided instead, to set up a little area where people could donate a couple bucks, or whatever they think is fair, in exchange for some individual greeting cards and postcards, and these (the photo above). I've decided to make 50 miniature drawings (think business card size) and package them in folded paper - as seen above - so that you can't see what the drawing is. People at the show can take them in exchange for a little donation. I figure this will help me offset a fraction of the cost of the show.

My sketchbook project sketchbook arrived in the mail last week! Here's a link if anyone's wondering what the Sketchbook Project is. I only just found out about it a few weeks ago and signed up immediately. This happy little fella now just needs to be filled, following my chosen theme: Great Hopes and Massive Failures.
The library will, at an additional cost, scan and digitize your submission, but I figure I'll just scan it myself as I go along. So, updates to follow! I'll get started when the show is over and done with.

So, til next week!

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