Sunday, August 8

Just another Sunday

So, as I mentioned before, I've been playing around with a few different packaging ideas for my greeting cards. I've made little paper belts for them, but I'm still playing around with that. I don't think the graph paper contrasts enough. I bought some pretty grey paper...we'll see if that looks better. Also, as seen above, I decorated some envelopes with chiyogami paper to package my 5 x 7 prints in, should anyone want that. They look colourful and exciting, like little gifts.

A friendly reminder, the cards, envelopes, and prints are available to buy online :)

On another note, here are my inspiring images for the week. I've decided to go with a grey theme because It's overcast outside and I'm feeling a little less than sunny myself. Not to mention, even at the best of times, I love the colour grey. It's soft and cozy. Maybe not cozy the same way yellow is, for example, but I think grey has it's own sense of un-flashy, quiet calmness.

I found this little felt business card holder on craftgawker initially, but it had been featured on Try Handmade. I love the felt, and I love the robots. Normally I don't love ric-rac, but I even kind of love it here.

I am sort of in love with this illustration of a shark, done by Sara Broski and featured on Penguin & Fish. It's simple and elegant, grey, and kinda cool.

So it isn't news that I've become somewhat of a design and type fanboy of late. I saw a different version of these that read "ctrl, alt, del" but these mac ones are super cute and I want, nay, NEED them for my couch. Seeing as how, at any time, there are two mac laptops in my living room, I feel it would be only fitting.

Art post to follow shortly!

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