Monday, August 9

A quick shout out to Dear Colleen

Another artist and blogger I've been following for a little while now has come up with a great project to help raise some money for the oil spill off the gulf coast. In her words, "I know it’s not the current hot topic that it was but there is still a huge amount of clearing up to do and to have any hope of putting things right we need to keep raising funds." So I'd love to be able to help her out. My first step is mentioning her here, and also posting a link to the cute tote bag she has on offer to help the cause. The second is to start work designing a print or other small object to sell on my own, and of course, donate the proceeds. I hope to have this done by the weekend (because, as we all know, I've got a lot on my plate). I'll keep you all posted!

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