Sunday, August 29

Pictures from the Show!

There's a little sign with my name on!

This one is displayed in the window at the front of the store, hopefully enticing people to come in and see the rest.

A shot of the interior, and I'm sorry it's so yellow-y. I'm going to get in there with a friend who has a proper camera to get some proper documentation done before the show comes down.

Another interior shot showing the larger drawings I've done.

I'll post a bunch more on my website, including detailed photos of each piece, when I get them done.


  1. Hey- a show! good for you. How cool is it to see your name on a sign under the word "artist"?
    Just found you thru the "sketchbook project" and notice you live in Toronto. I am in Oakville so not far!
    I am just looking around here on your blog- looks good!

  2. Thanks so much! Having my name on the sign did make me a little giddy...