Sunday, September 5

Inspiration for the Week: Interior Design

I've mentioned craftgawker here before as one of my favourite places to go for great craft and art images and ideas. And foodgawker is my go-to place for when I'm feeling both hungry and's just a collection of awesome, drool inducing pictures of food (and links to the blogs that originally posted them, usually with recipes). They have now recently launched dwellinggawker, as if I needed a new place to waste my time! I decided my little weekly list of things I like from around the internet would come from dwellinggawker.

I've decided on a little side project recently, and that's giving our room a little makeover. When we moved back in May, our room just kind of got all of the stuff that didn't fit in the living room, without any rhyme or reason. It's kind of a mess. I'd like to spend some of my free time this fall making our room a little nicer looking. My love for the grey-yellow combo would, I think, be a good place to start. This image (and the one below) from design*sponge, via dwellinggawker.

My last two apartments haven't had anywhere to put a kitchen/dining table. I'll just look at this picture and sigh, one day...

I don't think it comes as a surprise, I love wallpaper. And I really love this one. Like, floral jellyfish?! What could be better? If I had the money and confidence, all of my walls would be covered in wallpaper. As it stands, my walls are just plain white. But at least I can live vicariously through the internet.
This, and a whole bunch more found here

Post with my two drawings for the week to follow. Later.

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