Tuesday, September 21

Why is time going so fast?

Every time I check the date, I'm amazed at how quickly September is coming along. The list of things I want to do is growing and my time and determination are growing slimmer and slimmer. I've mentioned my work schedule recently, and to repeat myself, I usually work from 6 am until 2 or 3 pm, four or five days a week. It's nice getting done early in the day, but getting up at 5 leaves me wiped out. I always intend to come home, take a half hour or hour long nap, and then tackle the rest of the day, but I usually end up in front of the television, watching the sad transition from daytime to prime time programming. This evening, I intended to complete this post (almost there!) and then write the proposal for a sort of long term project I'm working on. I'll elaborate. This year, I was all set to start at the University of Toronto to get my bachelor of education, so I could teach secondary school. Sometime in July, I decided to give up that opportunity and spend this year working, applying for Master's programs, focusing on my creative work, and doing an independent study through York University (where I got my undergrad).
The independent study is what I have to write the proposal for. Basically, I'm writing my own course, including syllabus and reading/projects list, and then I work alongside an instructor who supervises my progress. I'm really excited about it, but I really wish I hadn't left my proposal for so long.

Anyway, I've got some art -

I did this while waiting in line for one of my TIFF screenings. I was feeling pretty tired then, as I am now.

This is the first page of my sketchbook project book. My chosen theme was great hopes and massive failures, fitting given my usual themes and current state of mind. I'm looking forward to filling the rest of the book, and hopefully venting about some of my great hopes (and maybe a few of my massive failures)

Another page of my sketchbook project book. I still have to tweak my scanner a bit to get the optimum quality from these drawings. I plan on scanning every page of my sketchbook and compiling them online (rather than pay the extra money to have the project facilitators do it). Any suggestions for me and my scanner? Let me know.

Anyway, that's all for now. I'm planning another "inspiration" post, or another fun list of things I've found online, but for now I've got a proposal to write.


  1. These are so sad, but very beautiful. I want to pull those birds in and hug them!

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