Sunday, August 22

A Deep Breath

So, the show is up - it's installed, and the reception has come and gone. Now I just wait it out for three weeks until it's time to take it down, and keep my fingers crossed that someone, somewhere likes some of what I do enough to want to hang it on their wall.
The install went well, despite my lingering chest cold, and the reception was great. I had hoped a few more people would come but the space isn't huge, and it was warm, and all of my closest friends were there - what more could I want? I'll post some pictures for all of my non-Torontonian readers soon. And for those in Toronto, go check it out. It's there for three weeks! You have no excuse!

On another note, the busy-ness didn't quit for me on Thursday. My best friend has been visiting since Wednesday. She helped me out a bit with the show and yesterday we spent the day at the CNE. It was so much fun! I always forget what I kid I become around fair rides. I couldn't make my mind up whether to go on The Zipper, The Scrambler, or the Gravitron first. The decision was made a little easier for me when we found that the Zipper was shut down for maintenance. Ahh well, we went on The Scrambler twice.
We then walked through the exhibitions looking at all of the interesting, unique, cheap, and overpriced items on display. There was a dizzying amount of things to see. We rounded out the afternoon with a much awaited trip to the food pavilion where I had a samosa and a hand-dipped corndog, Jaime had a felafel, and we both drooled over beaver tails. We also threw in some Tiny Tom doughnuts for good measure.
Jaime left today after a filling lunch of sushi. Now I have a full tummy, a blog post to post, and an apartment to clean.

As for today's images, I'm a little art-ed out for the time being, so I figured I would post some even smaller drawings I did recently. I mentioned in an earlier post that I was planning to have a bunch of mini drawings at the show as a sort of giveaway. The idea didn't really pan out, timewise, so nothing came of the drawings I did manage to get done. I figured I would scan a few of my favourites for all to see. Here they are:

I also realize that I neglected my little list of inspiring images last week, which has become a bit of a weekly feature for me. I decided I needed a little sunshine in my life, so I figured I would raid my craftgawker favourites and post a few happy yellow-y images.

First are these business cards I found here. I think that stitching on them is a really cool idea and I'd like to figure out some little hand done thing I could do to make mine a bit more unique. I need to order some more and my chosen business card provider happens to have a sale on right now. Hmmm...

Next are these pillows. I want them. I love felt and I love yellow and grey. This picture makes me want to crawl into bed and go to sleep for the afternoon.

Last is this bag. I could only find it on craftgawker. The original website doesn't seem to work anymore.

As seen here, my current bag - purchased over three years ago from the men's section of Urban Outfitters has seen better days and a bright yellow one with a lace ruffle seems like an ideal conveyance for my keys and crumpled receipts.

Well, until next time.

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  1. ohh,,, just saw this...thanks so much for including my cards in your fun yellow-y post :)
    all the best to you