Sunday, July 22

Up and Away

What have I been up to lately? Not a whole lot. I've been suffering through the heat here in Toronto. I love the character of my old fourth floor walk-up, but I do not love it's lack of air conditioning. People shouldn't sweat when they're trying to sit on the couch eating freezies and watching television. My poor cat has taken to hiding under the couch to escape the heat.
The best thing I did to get myself away from the weather recently was spending a week in the UK. The ticket was somewhat of an impulse buy back in April and I spent the second week of July in London and Belfast. Aside from the perfect weather (15 and rainy!) and the wonderful company, both London and Belfast were beautiful and a week seemed much too short. 

 As far as making new work goes, I finished my submission for The Sketchbook Project, Limited Edition (side note - the 2013 Project is currently open). I was inspired by the work that I did at OCAD with comics and zines and this book features more text and copied images than much of the work I do. I love the ease, small size, and relatively low cost of doing this type of multiple so I'd really love to make more booklets like this and self publish. The image above and three below are pages from the book. All pages are on my website here.

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