Monday, January 28

Photographer Jon Duenas

I saw these beautiful, dreamy photographs by Jon Duenas while perusing Design Sponge. Grace (of Design Sponge) mentions how they bring summer to mind, and after looking at more of his work online, I can't agree more.
I've been so busy lately - finishing this year's sketchbook project entry, working through a couple of my New Year's resolutions, and preparing to move in March has got me pretty eager for things coming up. It seems that last few weeks have been a flurry of planning and preparation and there's no stopping it for the next few weeks. All I can hope for is that my hard work and planning pays off and that I can enjoy a bit of the calmness captured in these photos.

Here's a link to the Design Sponge blurb, and here's a link to the artist's website.

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