Tuesday, February 25

Aya Brackett

This morning while procrastinating on my homework, I had one of those rare moments where my hobbies and interests collide. I'm often on the lookout for art writing and artists who interest me, but I'm having a hard time looking at those interests as a "hobby" and almost see that search more as work. Why should it be that way? Isn't the dream to have a career that doesn't feel like work, and that combines your personal interests with your needs to pay the bills? Isn't that what I'm working toward? That said, I have quite the blog hobby - mainly lifestyle/food/interior design blogs. When we moved into our new place a year ago, I knew months in advance the size and layout of our new apartment so I spent months bookmarking, reading design blogs, and buying design books. It was something I really latched onto and those blogs are still part of my weekly reading rotation. I've never really thought before about my fine art "career" interests and my bloggy design interests combining, but why shouldn't they? Recently on the Kitchn there was a post about food photography by Aya Brackett. What stood out to me was the mention that she also does fine art photography and her series explore food and what she considers "painting with food" (not literally using organic material as paint) she explains it best: 

"On painting with food. I really love doing still life work. I pretend that I'm painting. I work with the color and texture of the food and the background color and texture. It's like I'm composing a painting with what's in front of me. I really have fun with that, working slowly. It's what I choose to do on my own time, so that's saying something!
Food is so compelling in color and texture and cultural significance. I focus a lot on food when I'm traveling, too. It's so much fun to see what people are eating and to explore what's delicious in Paris, what's delicious in Oaxaca."
Here are some images that stood out to me from her website:

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