Monday, May 24

Long Weekend and the Blahs

It's the long weekend, which means, for most, bad beer and fireworks. The weather outside is beautiful and it's Monday at noon and I'm still in my pajamas. However, I've been having one of those days where everything just feels kind of bland. My two drawings felt laborious and I'm not too happy with them, but good drawings or not - it's nice to be productive.
I've had a healthy breakfast and I'm going out for lunch, so hopefully today picks up.

Short post for today, I suppose. I'm still working out what my show is going to be, and I'm excited to start working on some bigger pieces. I'll update with any developments as they come.

Edit: I wanted to add that I bought a new scanner on Saturday. These two drawings were scanned with it - first, mistakenly, on the "illustration" setting, which did not work at all, and then as colour photos, with success. Next stop, a good printer so I can (hopefully!) start selling prints.

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