Saturday, June 5

One of One, and Portraits

So here they are, and only a week late. I know, I know - the whole reason I started this blog was so that I would push myself to remain productive. That's why this post is titled one of one - I promise another post within the next 24 hours. Or at least by the end of the weekend. So there.

The second drawing is an attempt at a portrait. I draw a lot of people, but none of them actually exist. The faces (which all look the same, I know) are just made up. Recently, in an attempt to make a sort of fun office job more fun, my friend put a plastic duck in her hair and asked for a portrait. What should have been a 2 minute doodle became a weekend long affair as I tried to make the face resemble hers - which is beautiful, of course. Attempts and crumpled paper piled up as I tried to make the face look like hers. Finally, I came up with the one above and both she and I were happy with the result. Is this something I should attempt more? Portraits that resemble actual people rather then the nondescript faces I normally doodle? At the very least, it's a challenge. I'll see how it goes.

P.S. - her hair is brown and gloriously curly. Not grey. I still need to tweak the colour settings on my new scanner.

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