Monday, June 28

Another Weekend Over

It's crazy how fast these things go. It's a combination of the fact that it's summer and that I have a huge to-do list looming over my head. I started working on the design for my show poster, and I hope to have it done in the next day or two, hopefully tomorrow. I haven't started any of the final works for the show yet, but, whatever - that's not all I ever want to talk about.

The last two days have been strange here in Toronto, with the largest streets and intersections looking like barren, post-apocalyptic movie sets. Windows smashed, cars on fire, and no one to be seen. I live a little North of all the anarchy, and so in my safe little bubble of Yonge & Bloor it really seemed like there were no problems at all, except for the sirens rushing down Yonge every now and then. Oh well, it's over now and this blog isn't my political soapbox.

I'll post any new work as it comes, and the link to the website when it's up and running, which like everything else I set out to do, should be any day now.

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