Friday, June 25

A Slight Re-Tooling, and I'm a bad person

I'll start with the second part of the title first. I am a bad person. Last post I went on and on about how optimistic I was about my work ethic, hoping upon hope I could convince myself to be more productive. Productivity is the word of the month, and it's one that eludes me. All this to say I have not worked on my show yet. I've been planning, making lists, and conceptualizing. Tonight I'm working with the beautiful Jess Thalmann on my website (aka, she does my website for me while I drool all over her and commit to millions of favours as payment for her hard work). But as for the actual production of work? Well, as of now my exhibition consists of one drawing, beautiful, but not yet framed. I plan on doing six more large scale works - four on paper, framed, and two on wood panel, as well as 12 shadowboxed 5" x 7" tableaus. I do, however, work well under pressure. The work for my last show was done in about 10 days. But that's not the plan for this one. I swear.

As for the second part of the title: a slight re-tooling. I plan to put my finished work - all finished work - on my new website, so having it here too might be a bit redundant. This blog will still be dedicated to displaying two newly produced small scale drawings per week, but they'll likely be rougher, mostly sketches for larger or more finely rendered work that will appear on the website. I'll see how it will all work out, but I am more dedicated than ever to keeping this project alive. That said, this weekend marks the third since I've updated and I owe you six drawings. This will happen!

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