Wednesday, March 17

Am I getting sick or is it just art school?

Today is my university art department's open house. Everyone was allowed to install whatever they wanted and the walls of the art building are plastered with student work, for better or worse.
I was at school taking advantage of studio space until 12:30 last night (that's 12:30 in the a.m.) Wednesdays are my 10 hour work day. 4 hours in the film library, 6 hours in the darkroom. I'm tired, but at least my jobs are cool.
My 60" x 44" pen, ink, graphite, and watercolour drawing is done. So are my 2 five by sevens, as per my weekly deal. I used a better scanner for these ones, so they oughta look better than the last two, scanned in my old dell all-in-one.

On the flipside, I think I'm getting sick. I usually get sick this time of year, and I blame daylight savings. Yes, the days are longer, but at what cost? My head is cloudy, my nose is stuffy, but at least I feel I've accomplished something in the last 24 hours.
Also? birds. They're everywhere this week. In my drawings, I mean. Both of my drawings this weeks are birds and the aforementioned 60" by 44" drawing is of birds too. Maybe I like their beady, lifeless eyes.

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