Monday, March 29

So, as promised, here's my second drawing for the week. I mentioned earlier that I've been on birds lately. Well, I've also been on birches. I think they're great. This one turned out a lot moodier than I intended. I painted the background with this lovely teal blue colour I have in my Marie's Chinese watercolour set. Then I went in with some black-ish brown, intending to just add a bit of shadow. In all fairness, the colours are much lovelier in person, and this one was scanned with my crappy all-in-one (proper scanner and high quality printer hopefully to come in the next few months).

Now, tomorrow I have to hand all the drawings I've done this semester for my drawing class. Problem is, I've been working small - as you can see - and the drawings I submit for class have to be on full sheets (22" x 30" I think) and I'm in a small drawing state of mind. Second problem is, I haven't really kept up on those drawings too well. After my show in January I felt really burnt out and haven't been up for doing much drawing, so tonight I'm faced with the daunting task of making up for lost time. I've had a cup of coffee and a handful (or two) of chocolate chips and I'm ready to face the big, blank sheet of paper staring up at me from the floor. Here goes.

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