Monday, March 8

That "end-of-the-weekend" Feeling...

I have it.
You know when it's Friday afternoon and you're all fired up about the things you're going to do on the weekend? All of the procrastinating you're finally going to make up for? I have a class on Fridays from 2:30 until 5:30 and I often spend it daydreaming about the hyper-productive and efficient version of me that is going to take over for the weekend and not only get tons of homework and reading done, but make art, healthy breakfasts lunches and dinners. Where does that me go? Now it's Sunday night and my well crafted to do list sits there with nary a checkmark (well, aside from "blog post"). But that's okay. Technically, it's Monday - 12:55am - but for me, I'm still riding on that wave of weekend optimism. I've done my drawings, I'm posting, and I'm getting ready to start moving on to the next of the many items on my list.

Oh, and my 2 new drawings! See?

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